Hello! My name is George Wilson and I want to personally thank you for signing up for this valuable bit of information that will enable you to achieve more success with your marketing efforts!


Before going on, it’s important to tell you a little something about my business and about Google that can help you with your websites, whether you are interested in our services or not …


In case you don’t know me, I am heavily evolved in website development; in fact I have developed over 200+ websites and have a working interest in hundreds more. I have built hundreds of websites for myself and clients in the last couple of years.


Recently, Google has made significant changes to their algorithms to try and weed out websites that don’t play by their rules … so to speak. While some of my sites were significantly affected, the vast majority were not.  This is because I have study the principles of effective SEO and have built an arsenal of tools to implement my techniques. In the case where my sites have fallen out of grace with Google is because my team tried to build links too fast to the sites and this got lots of them into trouble with Google, i.e. sandboxed.


Google is now more serious than ever in wanting only high quality websites that grow on a “slow and steady” basis in terms of the content and the backlinks.


Well, you may very well be saying “enough of this … this will not affect my website!” I can only remind you that you are here to receive some information that will help grow your business using the internet. And furthermore, a) if you are not managing a dynamic website (fresh quality content) then you’re not getting leads, or b) if you are developing your website in a manner that will negatively impact your ranking, then again you are not getting leads and … you are wasting money!  So, here’s the point … To make this “slow and steady” high quality website system possible, I put together a team of researchers, writers, editors, graphic designers, website builders, backlinkers, etc to service my clients.


We build websites of high quality content and to work on a gradual 6+ months maintenance and “slow and steady” backlinking campaign, to give Google what it loves, which will ultimately result in high rankings and profit… on a long term basis.  This is money in the bank for our clients as it results in PASSIVE LEAD GENERATION!


If you are interested in our services or just want to discuss how we can work together in a way that is mutually beneficial, then please by all means contact me directly at (832) 449-6450.


In the mean time please download your FREE copy of Google Places SEO – How To Create A Great Listing For Your Business!


Every business can benefit from more exposure. Because of current trends, having a great Google Places listing is almost becoming a necessity.


This includes the necessity to optimize your website for the search engines AND harness the power of local business listings, like Google Places.


While it is free to create your Google Places listing, there is a lot to know. In this book, I’ll do my best to show you how to either create or claim your listing.  I’ll also give you some helpful tips designed to help your Places Page rank well for the keyword terms you are targeting.


Until we meet again …

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