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Managing your SEO Campaigns should be approached with the same project management work ethic as that used for projects your organization is familiar with. If you apply the best practices in project management you will keep control of your SEO Campaign and your marketing budget.

It does not matter whether you are a building a house, engineering a bridge, or developing a new website – you must identify the project scope you will complete.  Another similarity is that all projects wish to accomplish either or both of two business fundamentals: increase revenue or reduce costs.  Effective SEO is about increasing traffic to one of your most effective marketing tools … your website.

Most projects fail at the beginning, not the end.  Not adequately planning the project scope will only corrupt your project execution.  This can involve planning for what personnel, resources and budget are required. If the project is to be executed in-house, you must coordinate activities the activities required to produce each deliverable.  In the case of website development; it is essential to first plan what the website is supposed to accomplish before moving into project execution phase.  As an example, you should not create new articles for your website before you do a proper keyword research analysis.  Similarly, you wouldn’t start building a new home without knowing the lot size.

For additional information on planning website development and executing effective SEO Management please refer to our Blog or better yet, contact us today for a FREE Consultation.  The Project Management Group adheres to Professional Project Management Principles to serve our clients.

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